Recharge: It turns out, I like to hit things!!!

During Shelter in Place, I have been able to insert time to work out into my schedule that was once filled with a significant amount of carting children to sporting events. Fortuitously, Box Union, a company started by a college friend in LA, began their digital platform a couple of weeks into our time at home. I have been watching Box Union from afar via Instagram posts, but as I am never in LA, I knew I would not be able to make it in studio and am really too lazy to look for a boxing studio nearby, so I just double clicked and scrolled.

But once the classes went digital and I had some more free time at home, I was hooked. I really like punching at things! I used to take a kickboxing class back in the Tae Bo days (oh, the 90s…), but this is next level. I am actually doing HIIT workouts! I don’t whine at Burpees… though I still hate them and really hate Mountain Climbers. The music and the trainers make it so fun that I am doing boxing workouts 4-5 days a week and we just got a free-standing heavy bag for our living room! What?!? Upside: my children can now take their aggressions out on the bag instead of their siblings’ faces!!! YAY!!!

“Take THAT annoying sibling!!!”

I am not an Instagram Fitness Influencer (which should surprise exactly zero people) and I do not get any referral benefits, so know that I am recommending that you check this out because I am supremely addicted to it in the moment. 🙂 They have a 2 week free trial and they also support some great causes with special work-outs and donation matching. Check them out!