Recharge: All good plans…

As many of my friends would tell you, I am a woman with plans…. that don’t always make it to fruition on the timeline I imagine.  When I started this blog process this summer, I thought I could totally get it pulled together before school started.

Now, the first marking period has ended and I am laughing at my August self.  But this is the life of a teacher! I always overestimate what I can get done in the time I have and always see possibility to change and create things. I guess that keeps me going during tougher days.

This week, I have been thinking about small ways to recharge myself that don’t take WORK. I have always been a DOER.  It is very hard for me to rest.  I am trying to find things that don’t bring out “TYPE-A”my but rather the lower case amy. 🙂 Doing nail polish with a friend on a semi-weekly basis has been a great option.  Trying to schedule lunch with friends, even in my packed schedule, at least one every other week has also worked. 

I have also been indulging a lot in True Crime Blogs on my way to work each day.  My current addiction is The Mysterious Mr. Epstein from Wondery. It is narrated by *NOT THAT* Lindsay Graham and it is simultaneously engaging and horrifying. Granted, this may sound stressful to many people, but for me, I get energized by thinking about something new. The content is full of content challenges – every episode has a content warning at the beginning – but the storytelling is so engaging it is hard not to listen. Books can be tricky for me – if I start reading something good, I quickly jump into English Teacher mode and it becomes work rather than fun; so I end up reading a LOT of mysteries and police procedurals (do you sense a theme?!?). I have been trying to practice taking off my teacherly hat a little to read more challenging fiction, but podcasts provide a lot of the same pleasure without me immediately trying to lesson plan (but it does happen… Serial Season 1 is now a staple of my 10th grade class…)

I love things I can count on and carve small spaces into my weekly plan to make me feel more connected to my friends or the world. What do you do for a little recharge during the week? I’d love to hear your suggestions!